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We offer the following standard services, but we are also available to solve whatever specific problem a client or computer may have. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote for something not listed below.

Except for specials, package deals, and warranty service, all services are billed at an hourly rate of $96 with minimum billing of one hour and time charged in 15-minute increments thereafter. Payment is due when the service call is completed. Please see our complete business policies for further details.

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If you've been told you need to use a recovery disk to reinstall your operating system to fix a problem, please give us a call first!  This is usually not necessary, especially for virus or spyware problems.  We may be able to save you a lot of time and hassle as we can fix most problems without this drastic step.

Vendor-supplied recovery disks (Sony, Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) may delete all your files during the recovery process, so please do not use the recovery disk unless you have backed up your data first, or are sure you know what you are doing!

Service and Repair
We provide on-site service to repair and fix all PC problems at your home or office. We strive for excellence and will only leave satisfied customers.

Data Recovery/Backup
Disasters can happen. If you are suddenly faced with a crashed hard drive or a stolen computer, will you have a backup of all your data? Many people never think about backups until it's too late. ej Computing can provide a detailed disaster recovery plan to protect your data and minimize your downtime.

Some early warning signs of hard drive failure are:

  • Losing data - files are suddenly missing or are corrupted (for example, strange characters showing up in a document you were working on)
  • Frequent computer freezes - the whole computer stops responding, you have to restart the computer.
  • Strange noises from the hard disk - high pitched whining, grinding or clicking noises.
  • Error messages on startup or failure to start - you may see error messages that say things like 'drive not found', or 'cannot load operating system'.  You may not be able to start Windows.

These symptoms do not always indicate imminent hard drive failure, but should be investigated.  The best advice is to make backups of your important data regularly!

If you suspect a data loss situation and have no backups, stop using the computer as soon as possible and give us a call. This will provide the best chance of recovering your information. We provide data recovery from crashed hard drives, CDs, disks,  flash memory cards, zip disks, tapes, and many other types of media. We can help with lost passwords and repair corrupted files, emails and databases. Not all data is recoverable, please call for details.

Preventative Maintenance
We offer a 7 Point PC Checkup that ensures your computer is performing at its optimal level. For more information on this package, click here.

Personal Care Package
Our Personal Care Package is a preventative maintenance program designed to keep your system running smooth. This 1-year service agreement includes these great benefits:

  • Free scheduled maintenance every 3 months. This service ensures that your computers continue to run their best. It also keeps your new computer’s warranty in good standing.  Virtually all of our service contract customers renew each year because their computers 'just work better'. 
  • Priority service - If you require service between your scheduled maintenance visits, call us before 10am and we'll be on-site that day.  (Mon-Fri, weather permitting).
  • Preferred pricing - Save $10/hr for any service you need between maintenance visits.
  • A discount on all hardware and software purchases.
  • AntiSpyware and AntiVirus software installed on first maintenance visit.

Only $369/yr. Add coverage to extra computers for an additional $129 per computer (all computers must be at the same physical location, e.g. home or office). 

If you have more than 3 computers, or are a business customer please contact us for a custom quote. After hours coverage and same-day service available, contact us for availability and rates.

Virus and Firewall Protection
Viruses are a common, daily occurrence and if you aren't protected your computer can come to a screeching halt. Anti-virus software should be a mandatory part of your computer system so make sure you're protected. However, if you are infected, we can help. The company founders are ex-virus engineers from Symantec (Norton) and have a combined total of 20 years experience in computer security. We guarantee that we can remove all viruses and restore your system to working order!

Software/Hardware Upgrades
We provide PC software/hardware installation, operating system installation or upgrade, memory upgrades, storage upgrades, printer and digital camera setups, firewalls, security, etc.

If you need a home or small office network installed, or your network is having trouble then please call us. We install and configure wireless networks, including wireless print servers and wireless home media centers.

We provide on-site, flexible, one-on-one training at a flat hourly rate. We love to share our knowledge and can help you become proficient with your computer while enjoying it in the process. We teach all levels of computing, from beginner to advance. Become comfortable using the Internet or email, learn how to keep your computer healthy, get training on a particular piece of software, and much more.

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